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Apparently its boring at home with me...

Apparently its boring at home with me…

I’ve been debating about going back to work properly for a while now. I really want to go to work and I have found myself some part time options, however the ideal post has presented itself and I find myself conflicted about it. The thing is, i’d love to go to work, I love my work and enjoy working with people. Its something I have trained for and I feel completely wasted at home wandering about with the hoover trying to busy myself as I feel too guilty to sit and read or craft and enjoy the peace.

I’ve decided to go for it and let fate decide. If I get the job I will do it and make the most of it and if I don’t, well, it wasn’t meant to be. I’ve told the children i’m going back to work and that the solution is that they are going to have a nanny. If they begged me to stay home then that would also be a decision made. The conversation went something like this:

Eldest: ‘What sort of nanny?’

Me: ‘Well, not like Mary Poppins, more like Nanny McPhee. There wont be any more laying about the house watching Cbeebies and Minecraft videos on the iPad”

Unanimously: “Ok”

Me, feeling a bit surprised and bringing out the big guns: “There wont be any of my dinners either, no more fish fingers, just healthy foods. No crisps as snacks, just fruit…”

Them: “OK”

Me: “The nanny wont stand for any of this mess either, you wont be able to throw socks on the floor and leave toys everywhere. No-one would want to live like this…” I had to stop this before I began ranting.

Them: “OK”

Now, to decide if they were actually listening, or they really don’t care whether i’m at home or not. Having repeated this conversation several times i’m starting to think its the latter. Nice to feel wanted. I know this is quite amusing, but I cant deny it, i’m a little bit upset. Having spent the best part of seven years being driven mad and trying my hardest to educate and entertain you would have thought I might be preferable to a nanny. Now, to find the meanest most old fashioned nanny in the whole of Hertfordshire…

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  1. Stacy 24th February 2015 / 10:14 am

    Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll be more than missed if you go to work again. Super cute blog by the way, I’m glad I found this. My all time biggest problem is finding time to do everything in the house and spend time designing new things for my work at home business……. please let me know the secret of how you blog and find time to do all the cooking, washing, cleaning and look after children! 🙂

  2. Claire Walsh 24th February 2015 / 5:35 pm

    Im not sure I do find the time to do much really, although I do survive on very little sleep! x

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