Featured Post: 10 Creative Ways Mums Can De-clutter their Lives

furniture decluttering

I got rid of this large piece of furniture & decluttered most of the stuff on it recently. The room looks so much better!

If you’re anything like me you’ll know that sometimes life can get overwhelming with family responsibilities, relationships, working hours taking up most of the week, errands to run, household chores and ensuring that you spend a bit of time being heathy. I’m finding the best way of achieving all this at the moment is to get up earlier and earlier and stay up later and later. However, this is also taking its toll and I’ve been given some tips on how to de-clutter life to help with some of this stress.

1. Have a ruthless clear out of the furniture in your home. We all have pieces that were donated by helpful family and friends that we don’t really want or need. That stool you use in the bedroom to chuck your clothes on needs to go and the beanbag chair in the living room that never gets used, but takes up loads of space are ideal candidates.

However, if you don’t want to remove them from your life forever consider storing them in a secure unit, from a company such as Kelly Store. This will give you a bit of time to let go emotionally and free up lots of space.

2.  Our Facebook friends list can escalate pretty quickly, especially when we accept random invites from the guy we used to sit next to in Science at school or your cousin’s ex boyfriend who happens to have 15 mutual friends. Spend half an hour removing anyone from your friend list who you wouldn’t engage in conversation, if you saw them in the street.

3.  Every time you clean a room throw out at least five items – such as rubbish, an old magazine or that pen you try to use every time you need to jot something down but in that crucial moment remember that it’s run out. The Fly Lady has some brilliant tips to get you started and I often refer to her website.

4. Organise your wardrobe and clear out anything you haven’t worn in the past six months (obviously seasonal items are excluded from this). As you take items out ask yourself ‘if I was in a shop right now would I buy this?’ If the answer is no then put it in the charity donation bag. I’ve used this technique quite successfully and ruthlessly recently

5. When you buy a new appliance don’t keep the manual in a bottom drawer somewhere, taking up valuable storage space. Go on the manufacturers website, download the online manual and store it in a folder on your desktop or in your iBooks on your iPad, if you have one. I think this is a brilliant idea, I always end up referring to the manual on line anyway!

6. A simple trick to reduce clutter in your bed linen cupboard or drawer is to fold up your bed sheets and then stuff them into a matching pillowcase, so they’re all neatly kept together.

7. Always open your post next to your recycling bin, that way you can immediately throw away all the junk mail and not leave it cluttering the side. I’d like to highlight this tip to my husband.

8. If you have a messy computer desktop start creating folders to place documents and images in. You’ll feel better and much more productive with a clear screen and a system for organising work. Periodically I have a ruthless clear out of duplicate images and work I no longer need, this always feels good.

9. If you’re about to clean your bedroom always make the bed first. It’s a good spot to organise everything you’re cleaning and it will stop you lying down on it for a little rest (something we’re all guilty of doing).

10. Stop saying yes to everything and everyone. If you’re reading this you are probably that amazing person in a family or friendship group who says yes to every favour asked of you. You will always offer to give people lifts, do a run to the shop and are always on hand if they need help with any heavy lifting on a Saturday. Im particularly guilty of always saying yes to the children and do so at the expensive of my own personal time and sanity. Its a great idea to say no every now and then.

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