Book Review: This is My Rock by David Lucas

4th March 2015 No Comments

this is my rockThere are lots of children’s picture books about sharing for pre-schoolers and This is My Rock is one of many. However, it is leagues apart in its beauty and simplicity. Telling the story of a little goat who proclaims to anyone who comes near him ‘This is my rock!’ it deals with sharing and friendship as soon the goat has no-one to play with.

The story is written with little text and a lot of wit, making it perfect for little ones with short attention spans. I’m always in awe of authors who can achieve this because it really is a skill in itself.

What really makes this book stand out from the rest is the amazing illustrations which are really stunning. Each page would make a lovely print for the children’s bedrooms.

Feautured_ThisIsMyRockI think its fair to say that little 3 year old Ned really liked this book, I think he could sort of identify with the story. However, books like this have a real value above and beyond their targeted age group. Not only is it a joy to look at and read as an adult it has proved inspirational for my daughter aged 6. I think the simple, fairly graphic illustrations and the lack of words in the story proved to her that she might be able to achieve something similar so she has been busy working away creating her own story books. Here is an excerpt from ‘ The Sheep and The Dragon’, a gripping story about what happened when a sheep met a dragon.

Overall, this is another lovely book from Flying Eye Books which we shall treasure.

If you’d like to find out more about This is My Rock have a look at the Flying Eye Books website

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