Book Review: Wild About Shapes by Jeremie Fischer

1st March 2015 No Comments

wild about shapesJust before I received some books to review form Flying Eye Books I was reading all about them in a national newspaper. It seems that the children’s book market is the most successful area in publishing at the moment and that Flying Eye are really leading the pack with their innovative, imaginative, high quality books which are as appealing to adults as children and are brilliant long term investments. Many of them are likely to be passed down from this generation to their children. Wonderful news all around.

Wild about Shapes fits very easily into this criteria and is one of the most innovative children’s books I have seen in a very long time. It uses alternating pages of acetate to create the shapes of animals out of what appear to be random coloured shapes. This is a brilliant, inspirational, design lead book which is not only a fun read, but also appeals to those children interested in art, design or technology. Meaning it really transcends all age groups from the youngest baby upwards

wild about shapesJeremie Fisher is an illustrator and professional screen printing technician and you can really see his love of hand-made and traditional methods coming through in the this book which must have been quite a feat to produce.

This really is a special book, its one of those rare books which your children will almost inevitably come back to sneak peaks at throughout their childhood and one which will fill them with amazement each time. We love it and highly recommend it. I’m sure it will be found in the children’s book section of many an art gallery and museum shop!

You can find out more about the book here.

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