Fairytale: A True Story

Film Review: Fairytale: A True Story on DVD

28th March 2015 No Comments

Fairytale: A True StoryOne of the stories which fascinated me as a young girl was the story of the Cottingley Fairies. I loved the idea that these two little girls had found fairies at the bottom of their garden. I think it was made even more magical by the fact that it was such an interesting time in history towards the end of the First World War. I loved to see the pictures of them in their pretty clothes with the fairies and that started me off on a lifelong interest in fairies and folklore.

Fairytale: A True Story is based on these events which turned out to be a fraud. It has an excellent script and some really high profile actors including Harvey Keitel, Peter O’Toole and Paul McGann. The little girls playing the Wright sisters are fantastic actors and play their parts really well. As an adult I really enjoyed this film, I must admit it wasn’t entirely historically accurate and so I felt the ‘true story’ aspect of the title was a little misleading. Its quite a complex and slow film and I think my children were a little bit young for it. I would say though that if your child is interested in fairies then its suitable for about aged 8 onwards.

If you are looking for something you can watch with the children this Easter then I think this is a great film to go out and get. I enjoyed the film and there are not that many I can sit through with them to watch on DVD! If you’d like to find out a little bit more have a look at the trailer:
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Title: Fairytale: A True Story

Release date: 23rd March 2015


Genre: Fantasy/ Drama

Certificate: U

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