Gunging for Red Nose Day #RNDface

11th March 2015 No Comments

persilTo celebrate the launch of new limited edition funny Red Nose Day bottles of Persil.TV. presenter Kirsty Gallacher got gunged with bright blue slime. Shortly afterwards Persil contacted me and asked if I’d like to get involved.

Unilever are working towards donating £1 million to the campaign and will give 8p for every pack produced. So its a great idea. If you’d like to get involved then head over to the Persil website: you can also text PERSIL to donate £3 and share your funny faces on Twitter and Facebook using #RNDfunnyface.

Being a reasonably good sport I also managed to enlist the children for our gunging challenge. I’ll be honest, it went a bit wrong as you’ll see, the gunge was too thick initially and then it was far too runny. Anyway, according to the kids this was one of the best after school activities we have ever done! I think we will be doing the challenge again to get some better funny faces, but please do text or donate to Red Nose Day if you watch the video and lets be honest here, if you know me you wont be able to resist…


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