Featured Post: How to plan an eggcellent Easter break for the kids

easter cakesAny mum knows that it can be difficult to find inspiration to plan a fun and exciting activities for the kids over Easter. If you’re worried that your kids won’t be able to turn away from their game consoles or the television, then think again. According to the Daily Mail, many children would rather participate in fun activities and games rather than locking themselves in their rooms over Easter.

According to their research, 56% of 11 year olds (and under) would rather build sandcastles. Furthermore, trips to the zoo and the aquarium were on the top of the wish list. A further 46% of kids showed interest in playing a simple game of hide and seek which shows that you don’t need to break the bank to give your kids an unforgettable Easter break.

Awake their Imagination

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved in arts and crafts. Why not get them decorating their own Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, bonnets and baskets. You can find everything you need to reveal your child’s creativity on http://www.craftsuperstore.co.uk which is chock full of supplies. As time is a bit let pressured you can get a bit messy and make your own bunny masks with a piece of card, string, cotton balls and lots of glue. All Kids love dressing up and if you give them a task like this where they make their own costumes like the Easter bunny, they can even wear their masks as they search through the house for those hidden Easter eggs.

Invite Wildlife into your Garden

Spring time is alive with new life and kids will love to see some of their favourite creatures visiting their own back garden. Make a simple bird feeder like we did. This will help to attract all kinds of birds. If you dont fancy doing anything too challenging try creating a  bird feeder by cutting an orange in half, scooping out the contents with a spoon and adding some lard mixed with various nuts, fruit and seeds inside. By piercing holes in both sides of the orange skin and pulling string through, you can hang this bird feeder from a tree branch and have lots of new visitors in no time.

Plan a Day Out

Chips on the beach

Chips on the beach at Easter

Kids love adventure so why not take them on one this Easter? A day trip to the zoo is the perfect choice as kids will enjoy seeing all of the different types of animals as well as the more exotic ones that they have only ever seen on a television screen. Other great day trips include aquariums, circuses, cinemas, museums and funfairs. You could also plan an Easter picnic if the weather is good and enjoy the fresh air as well as the good food. We like to take books on our picnics and recreate adventures based on stories.

Game Night

Planning a fun game night for the family to enjoy is something which the children will remember. There are tons of different games to choose from. We really enjoy family games of monopoly and Hungry Hippos. If you also provide a special takeaway meal it will end up being one of the most memorable nights of the year.

Simple Holidays

There are of course loads and loads of things you can do over the Easter holidays. I hope this has given you a few ideas, for the first time in years we are staying at home over Easter and not going further a field fossil hunting. However, its also the perfect time of year to go camping. I think the boys in our household will be having a simple camping holiday in our garden, us girls will enjoy the campfire and a few toasted marshmallows and retire to our bed.

Whatever you do, I hope you have lots of fun and please leave your ideas and suggestions for things to do and places to go I’d love some more inspiration!

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