Is it me?

cat in boxIts been a funny few weeks in our house with all sorts of things going on, not least the children appear to have regressed and started waking up at 6 am. I think its the excitement of our new cat Jonny and the prospect of feeding him. I wonder if this will work in the teenage years?

Anyway, things are ticking along, the children seem happy, when they aren’t all having a punch up. I guess it is the mothers role to sacrifice everything for them and for that i’m trying my hardest not to complain. They were longed for and very much wanted and I try my hardest to give them everything they need to be happy and fulfilled children. I even pull the ‘i’m really enjoying this activity’ face when i’m bored out of my brain pushing the youngest on the swing for the 50 millionth time.

This weekend we had a few activities to take them to which was great, not least the press screening of the new Dreamworks film. It is event like this which make blogging so worthwhile and we have been lucky to get invited to see loads of great kids movies before anyone else. It was great and we enjoyed it very much.

Sunday saw my gorgeous little nephews Christening. I felt exceptionally proud to be a godparent and genuinely wish that I could understand more about our faith than I do, so I can answer some of the more tricky questions the children ask me rather than referring them to the husband.

toddler with croisantAfterwards we went to the local hotel for morning coffee and cakes. This was where it all got a little surreal, the children were initially offered tea and coffee, which being 3, 6 and 7 wasn’t really something they wanted. When we finally managed to acquire some juice for them the waiter tried to pour it into the tea cups. Therein followed a rather odd conversation where I asked for glasses or a beaker and the waiter asked me if I had brought any myself. Clearly I hadn’t, as I thought I was going to a hotel with a bar. I explained that I thought the 3 year old in particular might find it difficult drinking juice out of (lets face it) a quite utilitarian tea cup. This was met with astonishment. Now, I know I don’t go out much (ever) but I assumed people still served cold drinks in glasses or beakers. I looked up the definition of beaker:


a large drinking cup or glass with a wide mouth.
Has the definition changed amongst the youth of today? Please let me know if it has, I cant be making embarrassing mother faux-pas now the eldest is old enough to cringe.
This lead me to thinking about all the recent things where I’ve started to wonder ‘Is it me?’:
  • As a mother I have an uncanny inability to get an appointment for myself at the Doctors at a time other than the middle of the school run
  • I seem to have a completely different understanding of the definition of culture to everyone else. I assumed it referred to literature, the arts, history and music. Evidently it refers to raising large amounts of money.
  • The word ‘sick’ apparently means something is good
  • Using the word ‘cool’ is apparently not ‘sick’
  • The morning post appears with regularity in our house at 1pm
Do you have these ‘Is it me?’ moments? I’d love to hear them, it might help me be less of an embarrassing parent!

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