Its in the bag baby! In collaboration with Pink Lining

pink lining change bagI’ve been a mum for nearly 8 years and for the whole time alongside having a child to take with me, i’ve also had a huge bag of useful things. I’ve found from experience that it isnt just the baby/toddler years when you need nappies and stuff that you need a really decent bag. It’s an unwritten law that the day you don’t bring a change of clothes for your older child you will need one! Therefore I always, always have a bag packed with essential supplies ready by the front door for me to grab when I go out.

Since my changing bag has pretty much taken the place of my handbag, I think i’ve been justified in making sure that I have a nice one to use that fulfils all the essential criteria, in particular lots of separate sections. I’ve come to realise that its really useful to have separate areas in which to keep things, for example if you keep all the nappies and baby wipes in one part, spare clothes in another and snacks in another you just don’t get those new nappies which are full of gritty bits of ground up biscuit and squidged raisins (did I really say that!). This is quite useful in fraught moments, of which, lets face it with children there are many.I also have an emergency (zipped zone) with my stuff, lipstick, spare change, that sort of things.

If you are going to use a changing bag instead of  a handbag then you want something thats stylish. Thats where I have found Pink Lining bags to be brilliant. They have a really superb range including this great tote bag which they really kindly sent me to try out. The thing which I like about this bag is that it doesn’t look like a changing bag. For me, this instantly makes it more useful. Having a bag which looks like a change bag is a lovely novelty, but that really has worn off by the time you get to baby number 3! I love this bag!

pink lining change bagI know how covetable Pink Lining bags are, and frankly they should be one of the first requests on your new baby list. Make sure you check out their website here to see the entire range, i’m absolutely positive you’ll be tempted!

At the moment, Pink Lining have a brilliant contest, where they will be giving away a 2 changing bags (one for each winner) filled with goodies, to whoever guesses the time it takes for Pink Lining staff, Charlotte and Tania to pack a bag. To find out more about the competition go here. Its closes 22nd March 2015

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