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Review: Oglee Poglee Craft Boxes

16th March 2015 No Comments

Oglee Poglee boxSince I’ve had a major craft cupboard clear out I like the idea of ordering specific little boxes for craft activities. It means that you don’t have to store random amounts of odd things (sometimes never to use them) and that there is a little bit of a focus to the activities.



oglee pogleeWe were sent a Bugs and Butterfly Oglee Poglee craft box to investigate. This is one of a series of brilliant little boxes each based around a story book which comes with the box. Oglee Poglee is the made-up world in which a little creature called Oglee Pip lives. Oglee Pip goes off having adventures with his little button, which is provided with the storybook. I thought this was a wonderful little touch and the children really did cherish their little button as a result of it being part of the story.

Oglee Poglee craft box
Looking at the story book and button

The box contained a specially written storybook with a selection of craft activities at the back which related to the story. Everything you needed to make some of the things suggested in the book and a few more bits and pieces were included so that your child can use their imagination. The key thing being that its up to your child to make what they want and how they want to make it rather than it being very prescriptive.

oglee poglee craft box
Using the box to make a butterfly

These boxes are aimed at 3- 7 year olds (perfect for my little brood) and I think from experience it was pitched absolutely brilliantly. The thing which I liked the most about it was that there is no monthly subscription. This means you can pick and choose as and when you might need one. It also means that they are perfect for giving as little gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

My children loved this box and have spent hours and hours making different things (perfect!). They keep returning to the box in moments of boredom. Just brilliant, we loved it and can highly recommend this innovative little box of fun.

Oglee Poglee craft box
The finished butterfly

Our Bugs and Butterflies box cost £17.99, there are loads more in the range from the Space Adventure box through to the seasonal Little Crafty Boxes priced at £9.99

childrens craft- snail
Making a snail
childrens craft
The seven year olds bracelet

Make sure you go and have a look for yourself over at www.ogleepoglee.co.uk or via Etsy

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