Featured Post: Online Shopping is Childs Play!

TescoI think as parents we all know what its like dragging a child around the supermarket. I’ve had it all; a trolley full of stuff when one of them suddenly needs the toilet, the toddler potty training when he suddenly needs to go whilst i’m in the queue, the older children having a punch up whilst i’m trying to look at something. I’ve been criticised for having children in the shop, the children have been poked and prodded and called cute. Invariably I end up with half the shopping I intended to buy and a lot of other stuff!

The answer to all of this is being organised and doing an Internet shop, however if you haven’t done it before it can be quite intimidating. Thats why Tesco have been working on a fab video to show you how easy it is to shop online.

Tesco’s Child’s Play Video stars Emily and Tom (soon to be known as ‘The Extraordinary Emily and Tiny Tomini’!). Their aim is to become world famous magicians. But that takes practice and how can they perfect their tricks when they have to spend valuable rehearsal time going to the shops to buy their groceries with mum and dad? It’s simple. Mum and dad signed up to Tesco.com to get their groceries delivered to their door bringing with it a little bit of magic – it worked for Emily and Tom!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a sneak peak of the video for readers of Being a Mummy. Have a look here:


There is also a brilliant behind the scenes video to have a look at:

In all honesty I do my online shopping with Tesco as it is quick and easy. The main thing I use on  Tesco.com is the ‘Favourites’ function which basically lists all the things you usually buy, so all you need to do is click down the list. Its incredibly handy. To use it all you need to do is to  enter your Clubcard number online when you register and the products will be waiting for you in Favourites . You will have ‘Favourites’ after you have completed your 1st online shop (ready for your second shop) – give it a try!

If you’d like to have a look at the Tesco Family Family site you’ll find it here.

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