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My husband with new baby- an entirely new phase of life!

My husband with new baby- an entirely new phase of life!

As a mum of three, one of the things i’ve noticed more and more as time goes by is that children really do have quite distinct phases. I know as a new mum people say to you ‘oh, don’t worry about the baby trying to [insert random thing], its only a phase’ and you instantly dismiss it, but actually its true. Granted, the three and a half years of sleep deprivation per child caused by the non-sleeping phase were a little disheartening but on reflection, they were just a phase that the children had to go through.

In our house at the moment things have moved onto a new level. We are in the midst of  the“Mine craft’ phase, which basically involves the seven year old spending hours and hours building things in his world only to lose the entire thing when it crashes. I see this as a sort of life metaphor, its good practice to see how easily things can fall apart.

The five year old is in a ‘glamour’ phase which involves experimenting with children’s make-up and creating more and more outlandish hairstyles. As someone who was never all that glamorous I do find this quite hard to relate to, but not as hard as her dad and brothers who are clearly puzzled and perplexed by it all. I wonder how long that will last for?

The newly three year old has discovered aggression. This means that he spends quite a lot of time trying to intimidate his older siblings or me into providing biscuits, sweets and crisps. I wonder if this is related to testosterone?

I think its really interesting how children go through these little periods of obsession and focus on one thing, whether they realise it or not. I ask think that as an adult we all do, its part of what makes us human. My current obsession is knitting, I’m sure its a phase, one that I revisit every few years. Life is made up of different phases, its not just a kid thing, but thinking this way really helps me to overcome barriers and tolerate my children much more.

Anyway, The Money Advice Centre have produced this brilliant info graphic on the phases of life which happen after university and I think this is applicable to all families. There is some incredibly useful information and advice here on how to budget and plan your money to help you make it go further at different phases in your life.

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