Spring Planting With Lechuza

I think Spring might be here. Yes, lets just convince ourselves that it is so. The daffodils are out in my garden and the snowdrops are looking increasingly elderly, as I type this the sun in shining and the world is full of new possibilities. Ok, well sort of, but it does mean that you can throw open the back door and boot the children into the garden in order to try to either watch something you want on TV or stop them creating so much mess indoors. It also means that you can begin to think about sorting out the garden for the summer, one of my favourite jobs.

In recent years I have let things go a little in the garden our patio is in dire need of some tender loving care and some nice tubs and containers to bring it back to life. I was thrilled therefore to get the chance to review Lechuza’s brilliant cascadino planter with the children. Its a great way to sort out your herb requirements for the whole year whilst looking nice at the same time.


Lechuza planters are made by the same people that bring you Playmobil, its a real quality product. Have a look at our efforts here:

It was fairly easy to assemble once you had the hang of it. One of the issues we had was that the herbs we had were a little big for the planter so just something to be aware of.

With Mothers day coming up, I think its really worth having a look at what Lechuza offer. Flowers, particularly pots which have a bit of longevity are such a lovely gift. I’ve been sent these three lovely mini Deltini pots which have a special feature which assists with watering (technically known as a sub irrigation set). Although i’m very tempted to keep them myself, I think I am going to get some lovely flowers to put in them and give one to my mum, one to my mother-in-law and keep one for myself. Thats three times the enjoyment! Aren’t they the most delightful colours!


As you can see the children had a lovely time with our first gardening project of the year and i’m really impressed with the quality of the pots. Having just chucked out most of last years plant pots which had deteriorated quite badly over the winter I have high hopes for this one and i’m off to the garden centre to buy myself a few more…


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