Your Best B.A.B.Y advice!

DSCF0134As you all know I was thrilled to be able to contribute to the SMA Nutrition B.A.B.Y. campaign where they asked everyone to submit their best pieces of baby advice. I still maintain that my one about changing your baby on the floor is ultimately the best (not really), but it was really interesting to hear everyone’s tips and to be honest, even I after three babies found some of the advice useful.

The winning top tips can be found here on SMA Nutrition’s YouTube channel.

These ones are my favourites as they are genuinely useful bits of advice and I think they reinforce the idea that the most important thing is to enjoy your baby. It’s so important to spend time with him or her and to try really hard not to compare yourself or your baby with others.

  • ‘My baby had colic, and she was suffering in pain. My health visitor advised me to take my baby and sit with her in a nice warm bath. This helps mum and baby relax together and calm down. Also it helps baby and mum bond together much more easily.’ From Nikolett Nagy
  • ‘Babies’ and toddlers’ brains are sponges and they learn through play and communication. It’s so important that when we can be frustrated when they’re learning to encourage them to learn how to behave properly through play and how we act.’ From Sheila Luby
  • ‘Don’t worry if your little one isn’t doing everything by the book. No book can tell you when they’ll start crawling, walking, eating solids, talking. As long as you’re giving them all the love and encouragement they need, they will get there in their own time. I wish I had spent less time worrying about my little boy and more time enjoying him because once they are on the move there’s no going back!’ From Lucie Herridge

SMA Nutrition’s website is a brilliant resource if you are a new parent or not. From direct personal experience I can also recommend their Careline which at various points when I was a new mum, was invaluable.

Disclaimer: I was given an incentive to take part in the campaign, I really enjoyed telling you my tips and hearing from others.

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