An Easter at Home

Finding the Keys at the end of the Adventure Trail at Wrest Park

Finding the Keys at the end of the Adventure Trail at Wrest Park

This is the first Easter in a good few years when we haven’t gone away to North Norfolk or Dorset in search of fossils (and hoping for bad weather). As a result we were at a little bit of a loss to know what exactly we should do to make it memorable. Not that we needed to worry because its all about the chocolate and Easter branded Haribo’s, so we just did an extensive Easter sweet hunt. This took all of five minutes but then the gorging took a bit longer. In order to increase our time lazing in bed we then got the children to do their own hunt for us. This resulted in some very odd cryptic clues involving goblins which were an insight into the world of small boys…

Last year we discovered English Heritage’s newly opened Wrest Park, this is a beautiful stately pile with lovely extensive gardens in Bedfordshire not too far from where we live. This Easter they did a brilliant trail around their gardens and so on our Easter Monday visit the children walked much further than usual and we saw some bits of the gardens which we hadn’t visited previously. It was great fun to have a reason to wander around as stopped the children moaning about how far they were walking.

Despite doing a few things we have also been relaxing and there has also been a bit of Spring de-cluttering which has un-earthered the frisbee. Although the cat is disgusted that the children have another potential weapon, it has resulted in some team building amongst the children and this has been lovely to see. They even persuaded me to go to the park with them so they could enlarge their game!

Would I opt to stay at home over Easter again? Although its been nice, if finances allowed I must admit I’d much rather be spending my time on a deserted beach looking for fossils and bird watching. Just need that lottery win…

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