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1st April 2015 No Comments

We seem to be in a perpetual state of spring cleaning, regardless of the season, in our house. It’s a constant battle to deal with the clutter of three children and two grown ups who don’t like to throw anything away in case it might be useful in the future. At some point.

I kidded myself last year we had a great spring clean but in reality I think most of it ended up in either the loft, one of the two sheds, or the summer house. This year though it is going to be different. Still, spring cleaning is a way of kick starting the year in a positive manner. Winter has theoretically gone (although the weather might try to tell you differently at the moment) and it’s time to declutter the place and by extension declutter your mind.

SpaceWays, the on-demand storage company based in London have sent over a fun infographic about spring cleaning. I particularly like the two day water fight they appear to have in Thailand to wash away sins. Goodness knows how long we’d have to spend here but since we’re watered metered, it’s probably best not to think about it.

What I do think is the fact the council have limited the opening time for the dump (AKA recycling centre) to the weekend and three weekdays means that all the pensioners are now clogging it up at the weekend. Perhaps it’s best to just move things around in the loft a bit more efficiently.

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