National Stationery Week and Encouraging Children to Write

Things you write when you are five...

Things you write when you are five…

When I was training to become a childminder it became apparent to me just how important it is to encourage children to pick up a pen, stick, paintbrush or anything like that and make marks. Not only does this help them to build their fine motor skills which are so useful for everything they do in life but it can also help build the start of a love of creativity in both writing and fine arts. Anything that you can do to get your child to make marks will make a difference so don’t under estimate any opportunity.

As your children get older it’s easy to let them slip into habits at home and before you know it you can find they use the computer for the majority of their writing. I’ve noticed this with my eldest who will happily write on his blog, but not in his diary. I’ve tried my hardest to encourage the children to put pen to paper and Fifi now writes a personal diary in bed at night and I make a point of making the eldest write shopping lists for me and other little notes. Euroffice have come up with some handy tips to get children writing which are very useful.

Despite your best efforts, it can be an uphill battle to encourage children to write or draw especially as these tasks seem, at least to them, like the sorts of thing they do at school. April 27th marks the start of National Stationery Week and I’m using this as the perfect opportunity to take them to buy some special new stationery which usually spurs them on to produce lots of little bits of creative writing. After all, children are just like adults and we all find it hard to resist new stationery.

I’ve been taking the kids to buy new stationery for the past few years at this time as it’s around the start of the summer term which is usually a good time to get them out and about and provide them with things to write about. Each year I buy them:

A journal notebook which they can use to record after school activities such as trips to Butterfly World or the Zoo and then summer adventures like our holidays in Norfolk and Camping fun.

Some blank readymade cards which they can use throughout the year to design birthday and Thank You Cards.

A pocket notebook: They can use this to record things that they see throughout the forthcoming year in museums and galleries. I have a nice collection of these with their drawings of famous paintings and notes about things they have seen.

Nice new stationery can be a joyous thing, there is nothing nicer than receiving a hand written note through the post and it’s something that is being lost today. Make sure you get your kids to write their thank you cards, journals and diaries that you can look back on. Not only will this help them when it comes to their education, it’s actually really nice to look back on these things in years to come.

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