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Bankside PierI’m always telling everyone that as a North Londoner I don’t venture south of the River Thames. Indeed when I had to go to Clapham Common the other day it genuinely felt more alien than if I was in a foreign country, sort of like being on holiday. I surprised myself by liking it. Although i’m convinced I had a large flashing arrow above my head captioned ‘not from around here’. Anyway, its not quite true because sometimes we do venture to the South East sort of Essex/ Kent borders of London for various family events or just for a change.

If you are visiting the London area this area is a great place to stay partially because there is such a lot to do. You can make full use of the attractions in central London as there is good quick commuting into town, but there is actually plenty to keep you occupied locally when the attractions of the big smoke get a bit too much. You’ll also find that hotels such as The Holiday Inn London Bexley are extremely reasonably priced compared to those hotels in central London which might make it a worthwhile consideration.

These are the things which attract us to this part of London:

Around the River

Its just a short journey into London Bridge from Bexley and from there you can experience the whole of the South Bank. We enjoy the Tate Modern, the Golden Hind and also the Globe Theatre which all offer special activities for children.

Family Shopping Opportunities:

Sometimes its a pain to drag the children into the West End to get clothes for special occasions. Thats where the large shopping centres of  Bluewater  and Lakeside are perfect, you’ll find everything under one roof and some decent kids friendly food options as well.

Eltham Palace and Gardens:

Part Medieval Palace, part Art Deco and 1930’s mansion Eltham Palace is a brilliant place to visit with the children and there is always such a lot going on. My little brood love the outdoor play area.

Leeds Castle

You cant go wrong with a trip to Leeds Castle and if you’re looking for a location for some lovely shots of this children then this is the place for you. Its a genuinely fantastic day out and people travel a long way to get there.  We last went when the eldest was quite little so we are due a return visit, I can recall some amazing playgrounds. Its also home to a Go Ape!

Danson House

Bexley Heritage Trust run two historic properties both of which have some very interesting exhibtions. This summer i’m making plans to go along to the historic Danson House as they have their very own Vivienne Westwood Exhibition which looks amazing set within the historic building. I’m also told that they have a nice cafe.

So there you go, hopefully you can see the advantages to a stay just outside Central London with the kids as you can make quite a holiday of it and enjoy more than just the usual London attractions.

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