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Relaxing at Home

Relaxing at Home

Did you see my post the other day for National Stationery Week? There is nothing I like better than being a home and relaxing. In fact *whisper* I find it quite a chore to go out in the evenings and by far prefer a good film and a takeaway with the husband than going out to a restaurant.

Interestingly I’ve actually spawned 3 little home bodies who aren’t all that keen on leaving the house either. I think that it is to do with the familiarity of the house and their surroundings. Its somewhere where they can express themselves and feel comfortable in their own worlds.

When I asked the children the reasons why there was no place like home they all came up with the same ideas; they are free to do what they want, they like the memories locked into our household and its where they will find their family. In other words, they know what to expect. I think this familiarity and consistency is very important for children and its one reason to think very carefully about whether to move houses when you have small children. Lets consider those thoughts in more detail:

You feel free to do whatever you please

Once you get through the front door you can do what you like without judgement. My children like to get changed into their PJ’s and raid the biscuit barrel. On Friday nights they all sit down with popcorn and pizza and watch a movie.

The memories

Snow day memories

Snow day memories

Some of the best memories are made at home. House parties, birthdays, sleepovers, dinner dates all happen at home. These are memories we can always return to when we feel down or if as a child you want to explore your own history. I can clearly remember being in labour with the children and bringing each of them home from the hospital. I can also remember returning home after getting married as if it was yesterday.

Your home reflects your personality

Its fair to say that your home says something about you and reflects your personality. My household has lots of books, fossils, taxidermy and other curiosities. The children’s bedrooms clearly illustrate their personal interests and I can often tell the state of their minds through how messy or tidy their rooms are.

Home is where you’ll find comfort

I’m often wondering why my house is so comfortable and relaxing. It intrigues me that it was never a conscious decision to make it this way, and to be honest I’d be quite pleased if the children didn’t find it so comfortable.  I don’t think I’ve helped by having a huge pile of  blankets and throws, which can make the sofa’s enough to rival the princess and the pea. However, one thing which I would really like is  an underfloor heating company to come in and install some snazzy underfloor heating system for me in our kitchen which has ceramic tiles and is quite possibly the coldest place known to man (outside of Whipsnade Zoo).

It’s where you can find your family

catI must admit seeing my cat as soon as I walk through the door really makes a difference to me coming home. Its also really delightful to see the children after I have been at work. I know that the children picture me at home when they are at school and this really brings them comfort.

Funnily enough as an adult I still feel at home in my parents house although I have never lived in the house they currently live in. I think its all related to the people and the objects that have surrounded me since childhood. I guess its the same for people who move abroad  and take things that remind them of home, I think of people in Australia and their requests for Marmite and Tetley Tea is an everyday essential for many British people!

I hope this has given you some food for thought, its really important for children and their development to have a nice home where they can feel safe and secure, but its also as important for adults.

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