Featured Post: 5 ways batch cooking could change your life


Batch Cooked vegetarian cannelloni, prepared and dished up by the kids…

You might think that batch cooking is for that beefy guy at the gym who eats six chicken breasts a day and enough spinach to put Popeye to shame, but in fact it’s a cooking technique that could potentially change your life. Its a perfect way to ensure your family have healthy and home cooked food even on those days when you dont have time to cook!

Here are five good reasons why batch cooking is going to shake up how you eat throughout the week:

1. Shopping will be super easy and less frequent

Once you embrace the beauty that is batch cooking you can lie in bed and laugh at those people who have to get up on a Saturday morning to do their shopping because they’re too busy in the week.

You’ll find (as I do) that you eat more vegetarian meals because you always have them available. No need to shop for fresh vegetables each day, your meal is already prepared and ready to go. I use a lot of these recipes for inspiration.

Batch cooking means doing one big shop at the start of the month or week (this probably depends on how big your fridge freezer is, if you’re looking for something a little roomier we suggest taking a peek at what ao.com has to offer) then preparing all your meals, ready to quickly heat them up when you want them.

Once you discover which meals you really enjoy making you can tailor your shopping list so you know exactly what you are buying every time you go and how much you need for all your preparation.

2. You’ll feel great

Batch cooking leads to healthy eating since you’re making all your meals from scratch so after a couple of weeks you’ll feel great for eating more nutritious foods. You can put together delicious soups, mix up some meatballs or whip up some breakfast egg muffins and reduce your fat and salt intake at the same time.

3. Your cooking skills will get better

Your local takeaway is going to feel pretty neglected once you start batch cooking and your eye (or taste) for good food will improve. Soon your mum will turn to you for recipe ideas. It could happen.

4. You’ll cut down on food waste

In the UK we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year but with batch cooking you prepare beforehand what you are going to eat each day and only buy what you need to put in your meals. Everything is used, everything is eaten and you are contributing to a greener environment. Which should feel pretty good. There are a host of recipes inspired by leftovers here, including soda bread and potato cakes.

5. There will be extra cash in the bank

Batch cooking means buying in bulk, which means you can actually take advantage of supermarket offers and reduce the amount of times you have to ‘pop to the shop’ and come out with ten extra items you don’t really need.

Are you ready to make the change? Are you ready to fire up the slow cooker and leave your delicious pre-prepared meals to bubble away throughout the day for you to return to after a long day at work? Are you ready… to batch cook? It’s a life changer!

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  1. Anita 19th June 2015 / 6:16 pm

    I see how the bath cooking would be easy and comfortable, but I do not why, I love the freshly made dishes’ smell and taste. My husband loves batch cooking but unfortunately, I do not.

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