A Blogging Brunch with Talk to Mums

TalkToMums_0463I’m not a big fan of blogging events being far to introverted to actually to speak to people I don’t know. However, when the fab team at Talk to Mums emailed and asked if I’d like to come along to their blogging brunch to meet some brands and hear all about ways busy mums can improve their health. Since i’m on a bit of a health drive I thought this might be a good opportunity to find out more.

The event turned out to be fabulous, I genuinely had a very enjoyable time (I also met someone I’ve talked to on Twitter for years which was lovely). There were lots of presentations and loads of useful information. I particularly enjoyed listening to the nutritionist from Cheeky Cow Cheese who suggested 2 little snack bars of their cheese as a snack rather than biscuits. Mornflakes told us all about their lovely British brand of cereal which are deliciously good for you. We also heard about the importance of protein from The Good Whey Company who make those rather drinkable Upbeat protein drinks.

TalkToMums_0121I sampled Cheeky Cow Cheese and can report that its delicious. I shall be adding that to our weekly shop. Mornflakes provided me this the most amazing muffin made using their oats which I have been lusting after ever since. You can find their recipes here.

For me, a highlight was meeting the team behind Little Dish who have sent the children a range of their delicious meals to try (review coming up!). It really does make a difference to meet the team behind the emails you have been receiving over a few years and I’m always delighted to put a face to a name.

TalkToMums_0073The chance to actually meet and speak with representatives from the brands in a very open and unhurried manner was delightful. It was lovely not to have to scrum with other bloggers and press people but to have the chance to quiz the brands about things which are quite personal to our situations. Talk to Mums have created a really valuable forum and a way to connect parent bloggers with brands, if you haven’t come across them before then do make sure you check them out and sign up to an event if you find one of interest.



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