Book Review: The Outsider by Emily Organ

28th May 2015 1 Comment

The-Outsider-ebook-cover-200x300For some unfathomable reason it seems to take me ages to actually write reviews of adult books. I think its because I’m often so in awe of the plot and the writing that I’m sort of mentally speechless. This was the case with The Outsider, Emily Organ’s second novel which I simply couldn’t put down.

The Outsider tells the story of a girl who becomes entangled in a relationship with wealthy entrepreneur and decides to give up her current career and move in with him. Its a murder mystery set in New York and the English countryside. The book is a gripping read with lots of twists and turns, most which I couldn’t predict, some which I found quite shocking.

One of the things which I love about Emily Organ’s writing is the way that she describes locations and builds her characters. As I read, New York came to life and I began to really like the main character and care about what happened to her. I enjoyed picturing the house in the English countryside with its balconies and the woodland outside. In fact when I drove up through Gaddesdon Row the other day, I could almost see the characters standing outside one of the big flashy houses.

A great book  leaves you wanting to find out more about the characters; what happens after the book ends? Where does the next stage of their lives take them? I’ve  a burning desire to read more and to find out more. I do hope Emily writes a sequel.

As a Director of a Literary Festival and member of a book club I get through loads of books each year. Some of them are Sunday Times or Richard and Judy Best Sellers, some classics and others might be in those lists of books you must read. However, I can honestly say that The Last Day, Emily Organ’s first novel stood out from the crowd for me last year, as this one does this year. I’ve spent some time trying to work out why, and I cant explain it, other than to say that she just has a way with words which works for me. Her prose is easy to comprehend, which means you can picture the story easily in your mind and therefore remember it. Thats the secret to writing a good book.

I’d throughly recommend both of Emily Organ’s books and implore you to add them to your summer holiday book list. If you’d like to find out more then make sure you have a look at her website here. You can also follow her over on Twitter @emilysorgan

Disclaimer: I was given a copy to review but that was such a long time ago- i’m almost embarrassed to admit it!



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  • Nora 31st May 2015 at 3:51 am

    Excellent review – this is a book that has been recommended to me a couple of times by some of my friends. Must make some time for it soon!

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