Featured Post: Decluttering Tips: A Storage Solution for Every Need

declutteringThe husband went to the dump twice this weekend. Thanks to a silly system where you have to carry large lumps of wood up the steps he came home exhausted. I suspect he wished he had decided upon a huge bonfire instead. Still, progress is being made in the house and there are now rooms that you can step foot into and the prospect of a useable summerhouse seems a real possibility. We are bogged down with child related clutter, as some of it is waiting for little Ned to use my mind has turned to storage. It does seem that no matter if you need to store small or large items, there is always a perfect solution.

Excess Furniture and Equipment

I’m guilty of being a bit of a hoarder and I tend to gather furniture and domestic appliances rather than waste them. I’ve only just managed to get rid of two bookcases, a washing machine and some worktops which I was storing at home for a rainy day. If you’re like this, but really don’t have the space at home then the first step might be to rent a self storage unit from somewhere like Alligator Storage  this will solve your lack of space dilemma and might even pave the way longer term for you to let go of the stuff whilst being quite a cost effective short term solution.

Scattered Jewellery

Recently I’ve realised just how scattered all my jewellery is, I find it in makeup bags, the dresser top and in drawers. Its even worse in my daughters bedroom and this highlights why you really do need an old fashioned thing like a Jewellery box.  A traditional jewellery box has lots of other uses and can also be  good for housing many different items found around the house. Real Simple suggests that the little boxes in a jewellery box are ideal to store pens, pencils, lipsticks and other household items.

Spare Blankets and Pillows

Storage beds are the solution to this issue. I’ve learnt this from experience! In our house we have winter and summer duvets, quilts and lots of spare pillows as the children are inevitably sick and need a fresh one. I’ve made sure that we have beds with storage drawers underneath (with the exception of the eldest boys cabin bed) and I have to say that they are invaluable space savers and really help to tidy the room.

A Crowded Home Office

My home  office always gets  cluttered with tons of paperwork and files stacked in large piles on the desk. One solution is to  purchase a filling cabinet or trolley to help store all the important files. I’ve also come to realise that storing all the paperwork in trays rather than a pile does  free desk space and leaves the office looking much more tidy and clean.

Cluttered Bathroom

Decluttering the bathroom when you have children is an absolute nightmare. We have four different types of toothpaste alone. Then there are the different types of shampoo and soaps depending on allergies and so on. I’ve been working on a project to sort this out. There are some tips here which you may find useful. I like the idea of being strict in the first place and not buying stuff. However, once the deed is done its best to try to limit yourself to things which will fit in the cupboard, or within a limited number of boxes. I’ve been throwing out stuff if it hasn’t been used again within a month which is working well.

Decluttering and sorting out storage in the house has been one of the main themes of my life as a parent and its one of the first things I would say to any new parent: don’t buy everything, make do with what you have as much as you can and make sure you have thought about storage before the baby!

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