Enjoying Miffy’s Birthday

Miffy Mums 1Miffy is 60 years old this year! We celebrated with author Tony Mitton last year when he launched the new updated stories that he has written. The children absolutely loved meeting Miffy on that day and it was one of the most memorable days of the year. I was thrilled when I was asked to become a Miffy Mum this year, its the chance to help celebrate again and enjoy all those lovely stories and striking artwork again. Its particularly important to me because I think that with Ned heading off to Nursery in September, this is probably the last year before I have grandchildren where I can indulge in reading the stories to little ones.

miffy BooksWe have been sent some really lovely products which of course include the lovely Miffy Books which I have reviewed a lot on this blog. However, we’ve also really been enjoying the new sticker books and each afternoon when we get a chance to relax after playgroup and lunch i’ve been spending a little bit of time with Ned working our way through them. I’ve become quite a big advocate of sticker books like this as having taken the time to sit with him and discuss stuff I can clearly see the benefits.

sticker books

Another part of the Miffy range this year are these lovely milestone cards. I’ve not come across anything like this before, although I did receive some milestone books when the children were born. These are great quality products and really make the perfect gift, either for a newborn or for those awkward toddler year birthdays.baby cards

The thing about Miffy is that its so classic, yet modern and she appeals to both boys and girls. Miffy is a modern icon and you cant go wrong with either the brilliant books. In terms of the other merchandise i’m a big fan because of the fact that they are classic yet modern, you cant ever really go wrong.

There are some really lovely events and special edition products this year to celebrate Miffy turning 60. If you’d like to keep up to date with them be sure to follow https://twitter.com/miffy_uk and you can find them here https://www.facebook.com/miffyUK

Disclosure: I’ve been given these products as an official Miffy Mum. They are my only form of recompense though, I just love Miffy!

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