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Usual uniform; jeans and a sweatshirt. (I built my own tent from a groundsheet- a surprisingly everyday experience in my life)

Usual uniform; jeans and a sweatshirt. (I built my own tent from a groundsheet- a surprisingly everyday experience in my life)

And so it has passed and i’ve entered my fourth decade. Its a big milestone and an insignificant moment, but one things for sure I probably do need to start thinking about making sure my wardrobe is a bit more appropriate. The jeans and old festival t-shirts or tops with holes in probably are not going to cut it any more I need to get grown up!

Over the past year I’ve been trying quite hard to get fit and this has resulted in a bit of weight loss, some of which I’ve sadly put back on recently as I haven’t been able to do much running as its been too cold for me. However, it does mean that a large proportion of my wardrobe doesn’t fit me. I think this must be a sign.

But where to shop and what to buy? This weekend I took my little girl over to the shops and we had a good old look around. I think I have come to the conclusion that its best avoiding Fat Face and Joules, I like their clothes but they have become very standard for school mums and I don’t want to have the same outfits as everyone else. I’ll stick to them for practical non descript basics. Zara seemed to have a good range, but I think you need to be very careful about what you select as you do with H & M. That left me with the good old basics of John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. I’ve ruled out Joseph and Whistles as too expensive although they both have some of the nicest clothes I can find for my age group on the high street. I’m not really an M & S clothes shopper but there was some nice stuff in their Autograph range. John Lewis on the other hand had a wide selection of brands all under one roof, I found a lot that I liked.

I think what surprised me most about John Lewis was their Weekend range which  I initially would have thought was aimed at a slightly older demographic. However, encouraged by Fifi I tried on lots of things and found it to fit me really well and be both practical and stylish. Who would have thought?

Wool Over

A good camisole is probably a wardrobe staple

That leaves me with looking on line. I think this is one of the best ways of getting really great standard items. Wool Overs have a nice range of products and I particularly like this camisole which would be perfect either underneath a sheer top or on its own on a sunny day. I’m also quite keen on this dress from Braintree Clothing who sell sustainable clothing which I like. A quick scan through the online options also brings up People Tree who have some lovely basics.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to create a basic capsule wardrobe of practical clothes suitable for parenting and my general outdoorsy life. This means a good pair of jeans, some camisoles, a few dresses, some long lasting cardigans and jumpers, leggings which don’t sag at the knees. However, it does seem that if you want to look smart and stylish at 40 you cant get away with cheap fast fashion for longer term wear and its worth investing in some good pieces. I need some help on this one, if you have any suggestions or tips then do fill me in. Its a new decade, a new era and i’m determined to be smarter and more stylish. At least then maybe people will view me a bit more seriously!

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  1. Jane 13th May 2015 / 5:40 pm

    People Tree do some great classic staples made to last(I got some fabulous organic cotton tailored pants recently that won’t date & goes with an existing closet contents for £30, shop their all round sale:). Age is a good thing when it comes to fashion as you won’t make the same fashion mistakes you made in your youth ever again. Sounds like your sorted(have fun with your clothes and watch your confidence soar:)!

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