HeartLake City at LEGOLAND Windsor

Heartlake Cirty cat

Heartlake City features some amazing larger than life Lego characters

Even the thought of going to LEGOLAND Windsor spins my children into flurries of excitement. LEGOLAND is one of those places which combines everything that they love and puts it all into one; cinema, fizzy drinks, lego, rides, lollies, theatre, trains and more.

We were lucky enough to be invited to go along and have a look at the new Heartlake City area of the park. This includes an amazing new ride called Mia’s Riding Adventure which is perfect for thrill seekers. Not being big on roller coasters I chickened out of going on it, but it looks to be one of the best rides on the resort.

Mia's Riding Adventure

Mia’s Riding Adventure


My little crew really enjoyed visiting Olivia’s House which features a huge diorama of Lego Friends and some interactive consoles which bring the lego to life on screen as controlled by the children. Its a lovely inspirational idea and really encourages children to take their Lego building to new levels. We’ve just spent the morning trying to reproduce something similar and its a new challenge to try to build a really big department store.

Heartlake City live show

Heartlake City Live Show

One of the highlights to any trip to LEGOLAND is the pirate show, but now as the stage is in Heartlake City there is also a fabulous new show which is ideal for small girls. LEGO Friends to the Rescue features all the girls in a live stage show with lots of songs and dancing. Its sort of like a Spice Girls show for 7 year old girls and possibly their dads. Fifi loved it as did the girls surrounding us. It definitely adds to the overall experience and its nice to see something which is clearly more appealing to girls!

A trip to LEGOLAND Windsor during half term does take some endurance as an adult, as it does get incredibly busy. However its really worthwhile to see the children’s faces and my heart melted as the boys literally skipped around. There are lots of websites which will give you some top tips for visiting when its busy but from experience, these are mine:

Lego Driving School

Lego Driving School perfect for creating 3 year old backseat drivers!

If you can afford it buy some Q- Bots they make a massive difference to the experience and mean that you don’t spent hours in queues.

Arrive early and then walk to the far extremities of the park. If you want to go on the submarine ride I’d suggest you aim for that first.

Keep hydrated! There are loads of toilets which are nice and clean and even on the busiest days i’ve never had to queue.

Decide as a family which rides you want to go on before you visit. You can find a map on line. That way you can target these and save yourself lots of wasted time.

Don’t forget to visit the 4D cinema, its a great way of having a sneaky sit down and there are some awesome films.

For the record our favourite rides are:

  • The Dragon
  • The Dragons Apprentice
  • The Jolly Rocker
  • Spinning Spider
  • FairyTale Brook

The new Heartlake City area adds a brilliant new dimension to LEGOLAND Windsor and the children all gave it a really big thumbs up. I asked them if they enjoyed the day and they said it was ‘the best day ever!’ I think thats reason enough for me to say that a trip to LEGOLAND is probably one of those essential childhood visits and if you haven’t been now is a good time to go.

Disclaimer: We were asked to go along and have a look at the new attraction. We were thrilled as we LOVE Legoland.

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  1. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas 1st June 2015 / 1:46 pm

    Have seen your updates on Instagram, looked like a really nice day out! Need to take Isabelle & Olivia they love LEGO friends. It’s been ages, need to catch up with you soon xxx

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