Some Lovely Little Dish Meals!

Little DishA couple of weeks ago (before the big important birthday) I found myself as ever in a massive hurry to do stuff. With three children, freelance work and community commitments i’m a little bit overstretched to say the least. Its a real challenge for me to cook meals from scratch every night and I often find myself frazzled and burning stuff or dishing up the fish fingers with a packet of crisps.

This Thursday would have been one of those kind of nights, I have a 30 minute turn around in which I need to cook and feed the children in between activities. Its a nightmare. However, I have been given the solution by Little Dish who really kindly sent the children a selection of their ready meals. Little Dish meals are a great option for a ready meal for busy kids as they are low in salt, have no added sugar and no added preservatives. This means that you can give them to the kids guilt free, in fact, in my case they are probably healthier than what you’d cook yourself.

I let each child choose which meal they preferred, zapped it and dished it up with some cold mange tout (nice and crunchy and more importantly- no cooking!). I have to say it was an incredibly stress free experience which made a real change.

Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

We were sent the toddler range which was perfect for Ned, but perhaps a little bit small for the older children and I did supplement their meals with some bread. However, Little Dish have just launched a new range for bigger kids which I shall buy for the express purpose of Thursdays when i’m in a rush and I haven’t pre-cooked!

little dish2In terms of taste, the children seemed to enjoy their meals. Their favourite was the pasta seashells with salmon and broccoli, followed by the chicken and veg risotto but all of them went down exceptionally well.

For me, Little Dish ready meals are the ideal solution to those moments when as a parent you need to be in three places at once and you really cant cook a home cooked meal for your children. Its good quality, healthy food for children which the kids will actually eat. Whats more, you can find it easily in your local supermarket at a reasonable price. Whats not to like?

beef lasagneDisclaimer: We were sent some meals to try for free!

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