Featured Post: 5 Spring Cleaning Hacks

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I really dislike the process of doing a spring clean, especially now I have children and cats making a mess everywhere.  However, once i’ve done it,I really appreciate the difference it makes to our home and the improvement ot my quality of life. I’ve been sent some brilliant short cuts and ideas and I thought I’d share them with you to help you save a bit of time!

1. Get help

Many hands make light work. Enlist a few friends or relatives if the task ahead of you is especially large. I’ve bribed people with the reward of a big dinner or drinks. I’ve also offered to share their burden in the same way, helping them clean their house if they help with mine. This way its a lot more fun and it always seems easier doing someone else’s cleaning than your own! Alternatively, if your friends can’t be tempted into helping you, consider hiring an expert cleaning service like absolute domestics to assist you.

2. Remove clutter

Clutter has two effects on your home: it makes rooms feel cramped, and it makes it very difficult to keep everything clean and orderly. Strip rooms back to only the furniture you really need. Concealed storage is a great way to hide all of your excess clutter and can make for interesting decor.  Clean lines and clean surfaces are the goal when de-cluttering any room.

This is my goal at the moment and slowly but surely I think I might be getting there, although there do appear to be more books coming in than going out!

3. Promote symmetry

This step goes hand-in-hand with removing clutter. The tenets of feng shui hold that rooms should be arranged with symmetry and balance foremost in mind. Duplicating items such as bedside tables on both sides of the bed, as well as lamps and cushions in living areas, will create the sensation of the room being co-ordinated and pulled together. This strategy allows much greater access for cleaning, too, which means your spring cleans won’t need to be as intense in the future!

4. Coconut oil

It seems as though the entire world loves coconut oil and its near-mythical healing properties and cooking applications. I must admit, I’m a bit partial to it, mainly because I love the smell of coconut and I do use it quite a lot.

Did you know that it’s also a fantastic furniture polish that brings a much more fresh and natural scent into your home than other domestic cleaners? This was news to me and a little goes a long way.

5. Cleaning products

Some household cleaning products like spray-on solutions often contain a wide variety of chemicals that may not be ideal for your home. Creating your own cleaning agents is easy, safe, inexpensive and incredibly effective. I tend to use a lot of soda crystals, lemon juice and white vinegar in various things and its very easy to make some very effective cleaners.

I hope this has been helpful, if you’ve got any other ideas then do leave them in the comments for me!

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  1. Anita 19th June 2015 / 6:08 pm

    Thank you for these good ideas!

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