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squeezy cowsA few weeks ago I was invited to meet Danny Cipriani ambassador for A2 milk. Unfortunately I was unable to go along as I had to go along to work, so I sent my cousin who is a big rugby fan and was thrilled to report back for me:

In our household the importance of products that are high in calcium is very high on the agenda as my mother suffers from osteoporosis.  We are very careful that we all consume enough dairy products, especially milk, as we know how important it is for healthy bones as well as being vital for skin and muscle health.   

a2 milk

This is especially high on our agenda as we have three very active children who play a variety of sports and so when I was offered the opportunity to go along and meet the lovely people from the a2 Milk Company and chat to rugby legend Danny Cipriani, ambassador of the ‘Welcome back to Milk’ campaign about the health benefits of a2 milk, I jumped at the chance.

Danny Cipriani

I had noticed the bottles of a2 milk in my local supermarket and  so it was a fantastic opportunity to understand more about the delicious and nutritious pure cow’s milk that is for people who struggle with regular milk.   Cows originally produced milk that contained only A2 protein however over time, with the mass dairy production of recent years, another milk protein emerged – the A1 protein – which is found in the majority of regular milk today.  I discovered that a large percentage of persons who experience digestive discomfort may not in fact have an intolerance to the lactose in the milk but rather to the A1 proteins that is contained within most of the milk in our fridges today.    

Not only is a2 milk easier to digest with studies proving that those drinking it experience less bloating and abdominal plain compared to regular milk but it is 100% natural and contains only one ingredient – milk!  England rugby player Danny Cipriani enthused about how a2 milk changed his life and he is keen for others to realise its benefits.

a2 milkThe a2 Milk Company that was founded in New Zealand by Dr. Corran McLachlan produces both semi-skimmed and whole milk.  The milk is widely available in supermarkets and comes in 1 litre bottles that retail for approximately £1.39.  It offers the same health and taste benefits of dairy to those who find it difficult to stomach ordinary milk.

I took some a2 milk home to try the ‘taste’ test with the family and it passed with flying colours!   I am definitely a convert and I am so pleased that I have had the chance to learn about it so that  can recommend trying this fantastic product  to friends who react to regular cows milk.  Thank you a2 Milk!

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