Another Cat!


Jonny Cat

Pet ownership is in my opinion an essential part of childhood. It teaches so many things about life, death, compassion, patience and responsibility. We agonised for ages over getting a cat and eventually just went for it and got Jonny cat, now slightly infamous on the Internet. He really is the apple of my eye to be honest and I prefer him to the children a lot of the time. Cats really are no trouble at all.

Except they sort of are, because of course being a cat Jonny decided who he wanted to be friends with. Mainly thats me. I don’t mind at all, but it wasn’t an intended result. I’ve managed to convince the boy that Jonny is ‘his’ cat but that left Fifi (the aspiring vet) pet free. She really has taken her fair share of pet care for Jonny and has tried her hardest to befriend him, its slowly paying off but at the end of the day he isn’t ‘her’ cat.


Vivi Cat

So, after much discussion we decided that because Jonny is a very placid cat and seeks the company of other cats we would risk introducing another cat which would become Fifi’s. Meet Vivi, she is another rescue cat and is about a year old. She’s just had a litter of kittens, probably in her first season and is a naughty little bundle of delightful fluff. Fortunately because she is a girl Fifi instantly identifies with her and it seems she seems to favour Fifi. Hooray. A sort of peace is restored.

In nine years i’ve gone from no children and a hamster, to three children and two cats. I wonder how our household will grow in the next nine years…

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