Featured Post: Eight ways to capture your baby’s first experiences

photobox3The other day I was sorting through some photographs and I realised just how many pictures I had of my eldest son when he was a baby compared to the other two children. In fact, there are very few of my third child. I think that because when you have your first baby theres a real urge to take pictures of everything your baby does. Looking back its a brilliant record and I do wish I had taken as many of the other two. Here are some ideas which will help you capture those moments and enjoy them!

Be prepared

photobox2Make you sure know how to use your phone and its camera functions properly or if you use a camera then make sure you put the settings back to standard each time you use it.  I’ve also found it worthwhile working out how to use the video setting quickly as you can capture some brilliant action. Most importantly make sure your phone or camera is fully charged, there is nothing worse than finding it going flat in the middle of some great action.

Soft focus

A DSLR is a good idea as a new baby purchase and I’d argue its more useful than most of the stuff on your list!  A fast shutter speed is ideal for capturing outdoor play in the sun, or action shots. For photographs that look as if they’ve been constructed by a pro, use a zoom lens on a large aperture and focused on the child. This will blur the background but keep your baby sharp. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work first time as practice makes perfect.

Back at home

Its a lovely idea to shoot a bringing baby home video. This might capture siblings reactions but you can also do a little tour of the house at that moment in time as I guarantee it will change in time!

A place and time

Placing a temporal cue to a photograph can sometimes add a nostalgic, romantic element. A great scene-setting prop, a pet, a friend or relative who doesn’t visit so often is always worth capturing. These will be perfect snapshots of time in later years, perfect for emotional personalised gifts and canvas prints, perhaps from a company such as Photobox. I’ve also found it really helpful to make sure your camera settings save details such as a date to the image somewhere, so make sure the date is set correctly or you’ll be wondering which birthday it was in years to come.

Time lapse

Mobile phones such as the iPhone feature a time-lapse mode through their native camera apps, snapping a series of photographs and combining them into one rapid fire video. I love this function and it works really well if you set it up to capture a fairly long activity such as a craft activity or exploring their toys.

Bath time or Swim Time!

swimmingSome of the best images I’ve taken are of the children at bath time and in the swimming pool. Not only do they capture the madness and fun of those moments but you also get to see how tiny they are at the time!

This is a two-parent job, one holding the phone and the other holding the baby. If you’re worried about getting your technology wet then use a waterproof camera or a GoPro. We’ve used a GoPro in a private swimming pool before and captured some amazing images.


We’ve been quite successful in attaching the GoPro to the children and capturing how they interact and play and its been wonderful looking back at these videos and seeing how they have changed over the years.

Meal Time!


A messy meal time!

Taking pictures at meal times is often the last thing you think to do. However, I’m really pleased that I captured my children first experiences of solid food. When they were babies I often filmed the occasional meal or snack time as it made some brilliant pictures seeing how messy they got. I shall use these when they get married!

I hope you’ve found this useful. I really enjoy taking pictures and have thousands of my children. The problem I’ve got is with organisation of them which I’ve not been very good at over the years so I’d suggest that if you have time you should start as you mean to go on or you might find yourself in a terrible muddle like me…

If you have any more tips I’d love to hear them.

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