Book review: Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs: The Spinosaurus

9th June 2015 No Comments


Just as dinosaur interest hits fever pitch in this house in advance of the fourth Jurassic Park movie, the third Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs book lands on our doormat. This is well timed indeed.

Even if you haven’t read either of the other two books, the opening double page spread tells the young reader all they need to know about how the story works- Dylan opens his Grandads magical dinosaur journal, his toy pterodactyl comes to life and they have an amazing dinosaur related adventure in the past! It’s a great set up that allows for all sorts of adventures without causing too much narrative confusion. The art work is bright and colourful, painted in vivid colours. On one or two occasions the darker backgrounds make the text a little hard to read, especially given the use of a serif font (often harder for kids to read than sans serif text) but this is really a minor quibble.

Fifi insisted on taking the book to bed with her after we’d had it for our bedtime story so she could read it again, a sure sign that the book is a hit with our kids. As an added bonus we found out lots of things about the Spinosaurus, especially that it’s big spiny fin was used to cool it down!

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