Book Review: Get Ready for School from DK Books

dkbooks1As time has gone on, I’ve come to realise that its really important to prepare your children at home as much as you can for their school adventure. Once they get to school you’ll be amazed at how much a little bit of home preparation and on going home support can really help your children blossom. Gone are the days when you sent the kids to school and they did the job, these days its down to you to help and support your children as much as you can.

Over the past few weeks i’ve been slowly working my way through DK’s new range of playbooks (think workbooks). We’ve been doing Colours and Shapes, Matching and Sorting and Number Skills. These are all a snip at just £3.99 and provide loads of opportunities not only for some quality time with your child but also some fantastic learning opportunities.

These books are exceptionally well produced for playbooks, in fact the highest quality i’ve ever seen. They all make use of three characters: Bip the cat, Cuddly Bop the elephant and Boo the monkey who guide your children around the activities but also help you to quickly and easily see which areas of learning the activity is focussed upon.

DK2Also on offer in the range is a new card game box which includes 40 playing cards and a games booklet. This is a great idea because playing games is a sure fire way to help your child learn some key skills and get them to learn them. I’ve always found that doing something practical reinforces things and games like this are also a great way to bond with your child and get their siblings to play with them in a proactive manner.

The Get Ready for School range seems like a perfect way to provide your children with a good basis in the core skills that they will learn at school. We’ve all enjoyed  sitting with little Ned who will be embarking on nursery school in September and slowly working through these activities. The books are bright and colourful on good quality paper. An added bonus is that they actually look nice on the bookshelf whilst you are using them, unlike lots of other workbooks. I’d highly recommend them.

Get Ready for School will be available from June 1st and are aimed at ages 2-6 years. You can find out more about them over on the DK website.

Disclaimer: we were sent these for review



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