Featured Post: Healthy Treat Ideas- Lollies from Claudi and Fin

Claudi and Fin LolliesOne of the difficulties in summer is trying to find some healthy natural treats for the children. Its a constant source of frustration in our household and it can be really difficult to make sure the children don’t have too much junk but at the same time a lot of variety.

I’ve taken this moaning as a bit of a challenge and i’ve been experimenting with lots of different ideas. So far this month we’ve had frozen cherry tomatoes (interesting- not one i’d repeat), cocktail sausages, warmed pineapple upside down cake and some low sugar flapjacks. Frankly though, I find it a bit of a nightmare trying to find suitable treats and after school snacks or puddings. I’m also quite time limited, so its a bit disheartening when I’ve spent ages making something for everyone to put it in the bin.

So I was thrilled to hear about Claudi & Fin frozen yoghurt lollies which use all natural ingredients. These are sure to add another dimension of variety to my snack offers. Claudi and Fin lollies are basically a frozen Greek style yogurt which is flavoured Strawberry or Mango using fruit. The lollies are also enriched with vitamin D for the healthy development of bones and teeth. They tell me that in fact, just one lolly gives you 30% of your daily dose of sunshine.

Claudi and Fin Lollies Claudia and Fin lollies are one of those fabulous mum success stories that as a mum myself i’m happy to support. They were created when two London mums, Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe struggled to find healthy treats for their children. Lucy and Meriel met at a mum & baby class when their little ones were just 6 months old. Now their children are three and a half! They really have achieved a lot with their time. I don’t think I could have set up an entire food brand and get it into four major supermarkets so quickly. Frankly, i’m in awe.

These lollies are also perfect for parents as they are very low in calories, just 52kcal for strawberry and 56 kcal for Mango flavour. As they come in packs of four for £2.50 thats a very reasonable treat. I think its a great idea and i’m definitely stocking up on a couple of boxes as this is a great solution for a healthy treat for a change.

The lollies are available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Budgens

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