Incidental Gardening Resultant of Being a Mummy!

sweet peas

Home grown Sweet Peas which are filling the house with the most wonderful scent

As ever life is hectic here, I’ve spent the weekend looking after five children ranging in age from 1 to 8 years old. I’m exhausted, but I think they are more so! Its been a funny weekend where the great clearout continues alongside everything else including worming and flea treating the cat and trying to finish my book club book.

Parenting is hard, fraught with guilt. I feel guilty about getting rid of the children’s clutter, but i’m telling myself that if they can see what toys they have they are more likely to play with them. As i’ve been focussed on this i’ve dropped the ball when it comes to reading with the children and they are now behind on that. What makes things worse is that I haven’t really been able to cook many ‘decent’ meals so they have been enjoying fish fingers, sausages and pizza quite a bit this week. The guilt; i’ve not managed to feed them properly, read them and encourage their education or give them much time as i’ve been getting rid of their toys.

However, there has been some positives to this in that as I’ve been really busy generally for the past year I’ve not actually done any gardening. The garden is like a wildlife oasis with Californian Poppies, daisies, buttercups and general weeds which I cant identify sprouting everywhere. Best of all though, the front garden is now home to stray Sweet Peas from last years efforts. These Sweet Peas are the product of late stage neglect of the plants which I grew from seed. In other words, they went to seed and then new plants grew this year and I didn’t get around to weeding them. I like to think of my new crop of flowers as the product of incidental gardening rather than general apathy and lost focus. Such is being a mummy, you’d think I’d have learnt by now!

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