Featured Post: My Dream Duvet Day

Being a mummy the last time I had a chance to have a lovely relaxing day at home was when I was very ill following an operation. It was shortly after Fifi was born which meant I was already very tired. I must admit it was great in the sense that I didn’t have to get up all night and it was the first chance I had had to rest and relax for at least 4 years.

Eve Mattress have challenged me to a little blogger competition where all I need to do is to tell you what my dream day would be. I’m up for the challenge, however I have to say this has taken me a long time to think about properly. For one thing, my absolute dream day would be at the beach in North Norfolk in the sunshine with a fabulous picnic and all the children behaving themselves and being nice to each other. I would be sitting on my lovely picnic blanket reading a fantastic book. The sun would be shining and there would be a gentle breeze. However, that really is quite a lot to ask isn’t it? In reality, it would be far too hot or too windy, the children would be moaning and I’d be hassled by dogs endlessly coming up to try to steal my picnic.

reading books

Currently reading a proof of Elizabeth Fremantle’s latest book

I thought it might be better to re-think my dream day into something achievable and so I’m suggesting that it would be wonderful to have an entire day at home. Ideally alone but I’d allow the husband to join in if he wished.  I’d lay in bed and on the sofa  reading books and watch the odd programme on Netflix, my current fave box set which i’m keen to finish is  Sense8. Ideally, I’d have a lovely breakfast of greek yogurt and fruit with some croissants. For lunch I’d have a cheese board and biscuits and some lovely crunchy crisps. At dinner I’d send the husband out to fetch fish and chips and a lovely bottle of Prosecco and we’d watch a movie. Interestingly I’ve noted my ideal day is quite sedentary and involves lots of food, books and films. I think that probably sums me up quite well.

I’d love to hear if your dream day would be similar to mine. I think having children really affects your perspective on things and I’d simply value some child free time, do you feel the same?

Disclaimer;  I’m trying to win a competition for a new mattress. Given our bed is way beyond the age it should have been replaced wish me luck!


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