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Featured Post: Your Chance to Become a Boots Points Millionaire!

14th July 2015 No Comments

boots millionaire pointsOne of the first ever loyalty card schemes I signed up to was from Boots. Its one of those schemes where the points mean that you can genuinely treat yourself. The card has a permanent place in my purse and as Boots is such a ubiquitous and useful shop on the high street it gets frequent action. I tend to go there for baby clothes (we love Mini Mode), make-up, hair products and dental stuff as they have such awesome choice, even in the smallest of seaside stores you can guarantee that you’ll find what you needed. I also like to pop in a grab a copy of their magazine which is always full of great tips. All in all its one of those shops which I couldn’t live without.

This summer there is even more of an incentive to pop in for some Calpol and come out with several new pairs of boys shorts, a new nail varnish, some sparkly mascara and some highlight enhancing shampoo (ahem). Boots are about to make someone a Points Millionaire (that’s £10,000 worth of points). All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Boots Millionaire Points App


Boots challenged me to tell them how I’d spend a million Boots points and to be honest, it wasn’t really hard to agree to the challenge.

boots millionaire points

These are my choices:

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An electric toothbrush for the entire family (5!). I’ve got my eye on these Philips Sonicare ones.

We desperately need a new Fridge Freezer as the plastic on ours is cracking after 10 years of use. I’d pick another Bosch one as ours has given up brilliant service.

Any left over points would be used on a spree on clothing for little Ned who never gets anything new as he has his siblings hand-me downs. Throughout the years of having children Mini Mode clothing has been a bit of a mainstay, its well made with appropriate sizes and lasts and lasts.

I love to have decent makeup and as I have such bad skin that I need to use specialist make-up to prevent my acne rosacea getting worse. Recently I’ve discovered Clinique (as recommended by my skincare specialist doctor) and it seems very good, the only downside being that its quite expensive. With the points I’d stock up on a good supply and try out some of the rest of the range.

Alongside this to cover up my appalling skin I’d love to invest in some new eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara. I’m slightly ashamed to say that i’m using the same eyeshadow and lipstick that I had when I got married ten years ago so it would be a real treat to invest about £200 in an entirely new makeup set from Lancome.

One of those things which I really appreciate as a mum is a good bath and for a really indulgent treat I’d love to have some Molton Brown goodies. I particualrly fancy this pink body wash. Of course, if I became a points millionaire I might treat myself to the entire range, I mean wouldnt it be fabulous to wash your hands in some luxury soap every time you visited the loo!

One of the other things which I really need as I use everyday is a decent hairdryer. This Panasonic one looks ideal.

Its nice to have a record of those moments when you look truely fabulous and after all this pampering there is no reason why you shouldnt. So, I think i’d treat myself to a lovely new digital SLR camera. I’m a fan of Nikon camera’s and I just LOVE this colour which makes the camera stand out from the usual black ones.

With all this lovely stuff to choose from I think its important to treat others and one of the first things I’d chose is this lovely Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream which is an indulgent treat and perfect as a small gift.

Obviously I’d take my mum on a much bigger spree in store and I suspect that as she likes Marc Jacobs perfume she might have her eye on this Oh, Lola Eau de Parfum which is currently on special offer.

It’s quick and easy to take part – all you have to do is download the Boots App (if you don’t already have it), then go to ‘my offers’ between 3rd July and 4th August -then check back on 19th August to see what you’ve been treated to!

If you want some more inspiration Boots are making a big throne out of the products you could buy with a million Boots points. Its going to be at selected stores and if you follow me on Twitter I will be telling you where.

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