The End of an Era

My baby is growing fast!

My baby is growing fast!

With three children things can drag out somewhat. Now Ned is nearing nursery age i’m finally getting to the stage where after 8 years I can get rid of the pushchair. This will be revolutionary in lots of ways, not least because its quite a good general coat hanger in the hallway. Where will I put all the general ‘stuff’ when I go shopping? What will I be able to hide behind and use as a sort of barrier to sociability on the school run? Its a frightening new world out there.

In many way this week will mark a real change. Last week Ned finished his brilliant playgroup, the one i’ve been driving backwards and forwards to for years and the one which feels so much more of a happier place for me than their primary school. When we left for the final time Ned was happy and somehow oblivious that this was quite a major thing, meanwhile I felt all melancholy for my children’s babyhoods. In September I’ll be able to start properly counting down to the end of primary school years. Only 8 of them to endure.

The last few months have also marked a bit of an end of an era for this blog. Fifi and the boy are now easily old enough to read and engage with the things I write, as are their friends. This means that I cant really write the same things I used to or in the same way. Its not useful giving your children an insight into your innermost thoughts and worries! That means there needs to be a slightly new direction to things and I probably need to spend some time making some of the posts private.

I’d love to hear your ideas about what I could do with the blog and which direction I should go with it. I’m tempted to focus more on books, museums and craft which is basically a lot of what I’ve been doing recently anyhow. However, i’m not convinced and I wonder if I should just open up the site to others so they can tell the world their experiences of being a mummy. What do you think?

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