The Joy of a British Summer or First World Problems


Forgot the I left the pool filling up, forgot to top up the air in the sides of the pool. Created an infinity pool waterfall….

I woke up this morning to find it was actually quite hot. By hot I mean ‘not cardigan wearing’ weather. This poses a problem for me, not in terms of ice white legs. I mean, who cares how white my legs are, i’m a mum of three in my forties, no-one is going to be looking at them. No, its more that I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. I’ve noticed that with age I seem to get quite hot, yes, I suspect there are some hot flushes in there. This effectively rules out my uniform of jeans and a top and forces me into dresses and skirts. Except, when I lost weight last year I had to chuck out most of my wardrobe as nothing fitted. This left me with stuff which was ten years old and to be honest more suitable to me ten years ago than now.

I do have a pillar box red 1950’s dress, a lovely floaty dress I bought for a christening, a few black dresses and not a lot else. Nothing in fact which would be deemed suitable for the dreaded school run. I don’t mind looking different and unique in fact I like to. Except on the school run where I don’t want to attract any sort of attention to myself in any way. In fact, if I could don a cloak of invisibility I would!

So what does one wear on the daily school run when its hot? Answers in comments please.

The next conundrum to face me today is that of the paddling pool. This year I took the decision to throw away the old paddling pools and purchase a new one. I did this by buying the first one I spotted in Sainsbury. Good planning I hear you say. No. I managed to buy a near swimming pool sized pool which takes forever to fill. Taking forever to fill there is the temptation to leave it filled with water until the water is entirely displaced by bits of grass and floating insects. The temptation to risk all sort of disease is high, but to be honest this afternoon I was faced with a pool of stagnant water and a small naked boy who refused to get into it. I know have a flooded garden a freshly filled pool and a small boy fully clothed indoors playing with his train set. And so I can see how this summer will be panning out…

ice  lolliesThe next problem with summer time in Britain is the lack of ice lollies available. All through Winter, Spring and Autumn the freezer cabinets of our local supermarket are filled to the brim with lollies on special offer. The first sniff of a bit of heat and these lollies become like gold dust and i’m reduced to shouting loudly at children about how much sugar they contain and how they aren’t good for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer sunshine and the school summer holidays are the best part of the year for me. Its just all these small little problems can really add up cant they? Pass the Pimms…

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