Featured Post: How I’m Affording a New Bed!

kingsize bed

Our bed, i’m looking forward to a new fresh wooden frame which I can hoover under!

The husband is nostalgic, I can see his point, its been with us from the moment we moved in together a couple of years before we were married. Our bed was there on all the major flash points in our lives as a sort of sanctuary from the trials and tribulations of life. And. Its just very comfortable. Well, at least it was, however over ten years on its not so comfortable for me. There is a seven stone weight differential between me and the husband and we are completely different heights as well- him being a foot taller than me at least. Now we have two small pits, a sort of Alex sleeping shape one of which I have to make my own. I need a new bed.

This is where the minefield begins. In the last ten years beds have undergone some sort of marketing revolution whereby you are dazzled by the choice available to you. Did you know for example that I can now have a different level of softness to the husband? Well, all of this comes at a cost anything from about £600 to over £10,000. We cant get much cheaper as the husband is so tall that he needs to have at least a kingsized bed. In fact, technically he needs bigger as his feet still poke out the end, but we cant fit a bigger bed into our bedroom.

By the time you’ve got a new base you’re looking at something which nearly amounts to the cost of a small second hand car. A good nights sleep is vitally important to a good healthy life, i’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get over my budgeting a little and just get the best thing we can afford. But how to fund this?

Looking at my options and given that there are a few other things we desperately need to get sorted in our house (before it falls down) like the barge boards which need cladding and possibly a new car before that completely gives up the ghost (i’ve written about this before). I’m currently coming to the conclusion that a personal loan might well be a good solution. TSB (linked to) have a handy calculator which you can use to see if its worthwhile for you, basically for loans between £7,500 and £20k the apr is 3.9% which is very reasonable. I know people whose mortgages have a higher rate, so this could in fact be preferable).

I’m going to be straight here, a personal loan is by far the better option than a payday loan however tempting that is. You’ll find that the apr is much much less and you’ll also be dealing with a reputable bank rather than a payday loan company. The only thing I can think of which might be better would be a 0% finance deal for each or your purchases, but that is very restrictive and depends on a lot of factors.

With children and a drastic change in our financial situation i’ve had to become very careful about how I spend our money and manage our finances. Unfortunately, because we bought everything new when we set up house together everything is starting to wear out at the same time. For us, at this moment in time a personal loan really does look like the best, most affordable option and it will save us having to go without a good nights sleep and a car!

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  1. Nicola 3rd September 2015 / 3:41 pm

    I’m sure the most important purchase is a mattress – you’ve got to get one that will help you sleep well for the next 10 years.

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