Make Your Own DIY Harry Potter Style Wand

Harry Potter Wands

Left to right: Hermione’s Wand, Harry’s Wand, Ron’s Wand and our own made up version

If you have a little Harry Potter fan in your household then you’ll no doubt be inundated with requests to buy Harry Potter Wands. These are in the region of about £30 each! We’ve been lucky and got away with only getting one so far because my eldest has been making his own wands. He has devised a really quick simple way to do it and is having endless fun with them This is how he does it:

You need:


Cocktail sticks

Sellotape (which you can paint over AKA magic tape)

coloured paper

Acrylic paint


Pipe Cleaner

To make an imaginary super power wand (not featured in books but impressive) called: The Dumbledore, Harry, Voldemort, Elder Ender Wand

Step 1: Lay out cocktail sticks in a row and stick some magic tape across them.

Step 2: Place your length of cocktail sticks around the chopstick at the bottom and affix using double sided tape and magic tape to make a sort of handle.

Step 3: Wind the string around the chopstick and affix with more magic tape.

Step 4: Place on a sheet of paper (to protect the surface) and paint using the acrylic paint of your choice. Leave it to dry and be patient!

Ron’s Wand (upto year 3)

Step 1: Cut out 2 thin strips of yellow paper of the same length of the chop stick.

Step:2 Place tape just a bit bigger than the yellow strip and place on yellow strip around the base of the chopstick

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 leaving a 0.5 cm gap between the two strips

Harry’s Wand

Step 1: Lay out cocktail sticks and place strip of sellotape to hold them together.

Step 2: attach the strip of cocktail strips using more tape and double sided tape.

Hermione’s Wand

Wind a brown pipe cleaner around the chopstick. Attach at both ends with sellotape.



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