Featured Post: My ideal family car and how I might finance it!

Before I had children I had a lovely brand new company car- a top of the range RAV 4. I loved my car, it was brilliant having something fun, safe and new. I have some very happy memories of driving around on holiday with it through small country lanes.

When the family came along, so did more expense and my redundancy. My car was another one of the casualties. Somehow, I scrapped together the money to buy myself a second hand Vauxhall Zafira and that has proved itself to be an ideal, cheap to run family car. There are obvious downsides; it does lack the ‘glamour’ of other cars, its very practical and utility and frankly no body could argue that its a fun car that you can feel proud of. Especially as its in a horrible shade of maroon, chosen mainly by old people for new cars.

It wont be long before the Zafira gives up the ghost, its getting very old and i’m not ever convinced we are going to arrive at destinations. I really, really want a new car. I’ve been slowly looking around at options and i’m torn between a smaller car (but one which I can wedge 3 children across the backseats into) or a similar sized car to what I already have. Ideally I think i’d like to go smaller and get a roof box for holidays, especially as we no longer really need a pushchair.

carAs a blogger i’ve not been loaned many cars personally (although I’d be more than happy to try a few more out!) however, the best one by far was the Volvo V60. We were loaned one for a weekend and it was the ideal family car, loads of fun to drive and really safe with it. This is the car which i’m aiming to get longer term and I’m trying my hardest to acquire some funds to help us towards this.

Without doubt in order to fund a new car we are going to have to take out some finance. TSB have produced this really handy little car finance guide which details the 3 main ways in which you can get a car. This proved quite a revelation to me, I hadn’t even heard of PCP before! I think i’m going to go down the personal loan route as to me that seems the most sensible, but i’m also aiming to have a little bit of cash to put towards this. I’m one of the worlds worriers and I think I’d just feel more secure with a bank loan than anything else as i’d know where I was with it and what I was getting at the end.

I guess I’d like to know what others think about this car choice. I don’t think i’d go for a new one as its going to be out of my price range, but I’d like one about 3- 5 years old and with a low mileage. Where are the best places to get hold of these, in a stress free but not rip-off manner


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