Our Own Garden Festival

garden festivalLets face it going to a festival with children, fun though it is, can be incredibly stressful. You have the worry about suitable toilets, suitable food which wont make them poorly and I have my own slightly irrational fear that they will get flattened in the middle of the night by a drunken teenager falling on them whilst they are asleep in the tent. Nonetheless we try to take them to at least one festival a year as I do think its a very good learning experience for them and broadens their minds and their musical horizons. This year we had a fab time at Nozstock, although the lack of secure family friendly camping did heighten my anxieties somewhat!

So when Tesco approached me with the idea of hosting a festival in our garden I thought it was a wonderful idea. They currently have a great range of festival essentials which means you can order everything in one place in a stress free manner whether you are going away to a festival or staying at home and hosting your own.

kids festivalOn Sunday, the sunniest day of the week so far, we hosted our own little festival making use of our newly acquired BBQ and took advantage of the weather. Tesco provided up with a fab supercool play tent with some lovely solar panel lights. The children also used it as an excuse to really dress up; Fifi was Snow White at a festival with her gorgeous flowery headband, the boy was supercool in his shades and little Ned rocked out in his minion wellies which have been difficult to remove since he was sent them.



minion wellies

Ned with his best ever wellies

Finding appropriate music to play is quite difficult as for that authentic festival feel you don’t really want to be playing your usual stuff. Its good to get a broad range of summery, new music (at least to you). These tracks were on our playlist:

Molotov Jukebox- Neon Lights

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer- Hail the Chap

Skinny Lister- Trouble on Oxford Street

The Flaming Lips- Do You Realise

Le Galaxie- Love System

Lana Del Rey- High By the Beach

Fun Lovin’ Criminals- Scooby Snacks

Roots Manuva- Witness Dub

Oasis- Champagne Supernova

The Computers- Yeah Yeah Yeah But

Enjoying non alcoholic cocktails

Enjoying non alcoholic cocktails

There are the odd days at home which you think might be remembered for a long time and this was the sort of day which I think will one of them. Its such a neat simple idea but such good fun. Next time I think i’m going to ask some more friends, sort out some alcoholic cocktails for the adults and party on till dawn (well, until our middle aged bones require bed anyway!).

Disclaimer; Tesco provided me with a festival essentials pack and a voucher for the kids cocktails. Much fun was had by all and it was a brilliant idea

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