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Bean becomes Camryn Coyle

Bean becomes Camryn Coyle

There is nothing that we love more at Being a Mummy than a trip to the Science Museum and the chance to find out about ways to encourage girls to like so called’ boy’ stuff. Although i’ve done absolutely nothing to encourage it with a mixture of boys and girls in our household the gender stereotypes are still there. I often wonder how this can be, I think some of it is school influences and some of it simply nature.

I was thrilled to hear all about Project Mc2 which is a range of dolls and a Netflix show aimed at tweenagers. Its about 4 girls: McKeyla McAlister (MC2), Adrienne Attoms (A2), Bryden Bandweth (B2) and Camryn Coyle (C2) who have a motto: ‘smart is the new cool’. Its making a real impact with little girls if Fifi and my niece little Bean (aged 5) are anything to go by. We sent Bean and her mummy along to the launch of the new dolls at the Science Museum to find out more:

Bean becomes Camryn Coyle

So with school invariably arrives the gender stereotyping that girls like pink, ponies, dolls and brushing each others hair and boys like blue, science and climbing trees.  But as a parent you soon notice that all children like TV. So now in a valiant attempt to engage young girls into perceived typical boys world we have Netflix’s own show Project MC2, it’s a new  fashion doll line to accompany a TV series about geek chic girls doing science and foiling a plan to abduct a millionaire boy.  Aimed at tweenagers (that’s an actual thing) 4 lead girl characters, all thin and pretty and wearing huge  amounts of make up do science experiments to save the day. The TV show is high energy but quite complex to follow for a 5 year old as the story continues across all the episodes and this generation are used to a resolution by the end. However, it engaged our 5 year old princess tomboy and she loved the phrases like ‘I’m Smart, get over it’ and ‘Stand back I’m trending’. Both of which I am hoping she doesn’t repeat back at school come September!

Enough about the show, she loved it, it ticked all the little girl show boxes so onto the launch. Wow, what fun. We solved a puzzle, dressed up as our fave character and watched some really cool science experiments. Bean (our 5 year old daughter) was really engaged in finding out how things worked and the experiment by the CBBC presenter had all the children cheering in their seats. We rode the wave of interest and popped through into the Science Museum after we watched the show (with popcorn) and Bean loved pretending she was Camryn Coyle (the redhead in the show like my daughter) and spent a good few hours getting properly involved with all the exhibits. Would she have liked it as much if she hadn’t watched the show? Probably but it gave her a reference point that girls are interested at science and running in high heels.

project Mc2 DollHowever what Bean loved most was the doll, it’s a great doll, its got cool clothes and you can get a version which comes with the skateboard (which is on the Christmas list apparently).  The doll looked at everything in the Science Museum too and when we got home Bean watched the rest of the episodes and so did the doll. The doll has been most places with us this summer holiday. Partly I think because she loves the idea that the doll is a ‘real’ person. Barbie is still firmly a cartoon. Camryn Coyle the doll did get to recreate the TV show and we did have to attempt the science experiment from the show with spaghetti and food dye. So it worked, it made a little girl interested in science and indulged her love of dolls and TV. Brilliant, if your little girl is looking for a doll for Christmas this might bridge the gap between Barbie and a traditional doll.

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