Featured Post: 3 Simple Home Styling Ideas


my bright pink chair has modernised my living room at a stroke

As any of you who follow me on Twitter must be aware, i’m currently trying to decide how to re-decorate my house. It hasn’t taken me long to discover that it comes to styling your home, there are so many places you can start and so many options you can choose from that it can be an entirely overwhelming process.

One of the requirements in my scheme is that it wont date quickly as I really don’t want to have to go through the whole process again. Fortunately i’ve been given some simple tips for beautiful home styling that won’t date quickly and are easy to maintain.

1. Make Your Bedroom Feel Like Home

The bedroom may not be the first place you’d think of in regards to style, as it is usually only you who sees it. But having a comforting and well-styled bedroom means you will feel relaxed and sleep well. It also means any guests that stay will feel like you’ve taken the time to make them feel welcome.

A simple tip is to use beautiful, quality bedding and blankets. High-quality wool doesn’t only feel great and breathe beautifully – it looks beautiful too. For a range of bedding options to give you some inspiration, visit companies like MiniJumbuk online and browse their ranges. Just make sure you choose complementing colours or opt for the go-to neutral hues that rarely clash with anything.

2. Pimp Out Your Cupboards

One of the easiest ways to style a home is to remove the clutter and start from scratch. But what do you do if the things out on your benches aren’t clutter, but commonly used items? Utilising and improving your cupboard space is a great way to tidy up your cluttered spaces and also style your home at the same time. Why not find some hanging spots for your kitchen utensils? Hanging pots and pans can have a beautiful, rustic ‘country kitchen’ feel, while hanging glasses and mugs can make your home feel like a chic Parisian café.

To make your home seem larger and lighter, install glass-panelled cupboard doors so you can see through to the contents of your cupboard. This gives an illusion of depth and gives more space for light to bounce through, lighting up your whole kitchen.

3. Move Your Social Space Outside

For many, the lounge area is the key socialising space for the home, and for most of these homes, the television is the focus of this space. Turn the tables on technology and bring your focus to a different area of the home. Invest in a beautiful, comfortable outdoor lounge area – somewhere you would be happy to eat lunch, play with your kids, and drink a glass of wine with friends.

To truly renovate the space, ensure you have clear blinds for rainy or windy days, and an outdoor heater and fan for particularly cold or hot days. You will be amazed how happy people are to join you away from a television set, and you will want to spend a lot more time socialising. It’s also easier to clean outdoors – just sweep and it’s done!

These are three simple suggestions for restyling your home. What is your best style tip? Share in the comments below!

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