A Pizza Playdate with Little Dish

Little Dish PizzaI’m a big fan of Little Dish because it has saved me so much time on many, many occasions. Being a mum of three children I often find myself split between juggling playdates, pick-ups and trying to provide the children something healthy to eat and thats where Little Dish have helped out.

I was delighted to hear that they have added Pizza to their range. My First Pizza is the UK’s first healthy pizza for toddlers, it contains 35% less salt than other chilled children’s pizza and is made using 100% natural ingredients with no additives preservatives or added sugar. Each pizza provides one of a child’s recommended 5-a-day, thanks in part to the clever addition of hidden carrot puree in the bases. And frankly, my little tribe cant get enough of them.

Ned enjoying his pizza!

Ned enjoying his pizza!

We were lucky enough to get to try each of the flavours; margherita, Chicken and Pesto and Mini Meatballs and Veg. So we had our own little Pizza playdate.

Little Dish Pizza

Chicken and Pesto and Mini Meatball Pizza










As soon as I got the mini pizza out of the boxes to cook them I knew they would go down well, as they were quite frankly the cutest pizza I have ever seen. In terms of taste the kids were very impressed and they ate every last scrap. I’d say that size wise they were great for a meal for the three year old but after that, they were more suitable for after school snacks or as part of a large salad. Thats no criticism though, as I’m delighted to have found something which is healthy and fun for a treat for the older kids, but ideal for lunch for the littlest.

Margherita pizza

Margherita Pizza

Finally, a healthy pizza! Well done Little Dish! If you want to try them you’ll find them in your favourite supermarket. Incidentally if you’d like to keep up with Little Dish then do make sure you Like their Facebook pages as its a very useful source of information on new products with the added bonus of competitions to win some lovely stuff. https://www.facebook.com/littledish

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