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I'm going to miss this little fella

I’m going to miss this little fella

For the first time in years i’m actually writing this without a child hanging off my leg. There will be no interruptions for me during the writing of this post (except for potentially the telephone, the postman, my bowels, the dusting, general prevaricating). It seems hard to believe that little Ned is now at nursery school and no longer my baby, although he always will be. I’m pleased to report that at the moment all is going well for him and he seems content.

With all three at school things have dramatically changed here. I am incredibly busy, with various bits of writing work to do, a house to decorate and my occasional work at a local museum. This is more than enough for anyone and i’m really tempted to leave it at that and see where I end up.

The trouble is I am one of life’s planners and do-ers I never imagined I’d find myself in a position where I am essentially ‘at home’. I always wanted a good career- this has pretty much eluded me now as that isn’t viable with three children unless you have a career with a very high salary. I do want to make my time on earth worthwhile though, so achieve something or to make a difference. So where do I go from now?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about options. I need to do something to occupy my mind, to make a difference somewhere to someone and to provide me with a potential career. These are the options: continue with research and try to make it more focussed. Apply for an MA in the history of design (I quite fancy this option as it holds potential but i’m not entirely sure if it would be worth the cost). Consider applying for a PGCE, this appears to be the most solid option career wise. Finish writing novel. Try to obtain more freelance work. Sit and ponder options for another year.

I must admit, i’m rather concerned about doing nothing as at forty years old the clock is ticking. I think I also need to do something meaty in order to keep my mind occupied. What would you do?


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