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cat eating


I went through a phase at secondary school when I clearly remember coming home for lunch. I used to enjoy this little break and the chance to unwind and watch Neighbours. Ned is only at nursery so he comes home for lunch and he likes to stick to his little routine, which mainly involves eating his lunch in front of Cbeebies or else. There is a real joy to coming home at lunchtime though, I really enjoyed the routine and the comfort of having a meal prepared at home half way through the day. Its a chance to unwind for a small while before you get back to the grindstone.

Now I spend the majority of my time at home I always get to have lunch at home. Its lost its glamour and I have to say its really hard not to snack on endless unhealthy treats or cook a nice meal for lunch. Its not good for maintaining weight. However, there is always something comforting about sitting down at home to eat.

The funniest thing I’ve noticed is that my cat has fully embraced this coming home for lunch thing. Everyday without fail he goes out in the morning and then comes back at mid-day for his lunch. If I refuse to give him his favourite wet cat food he cries and makes a real fuss. Its a bit of a bind to be honest and I feel incredibly guilty if i’m not here at lunch- I think i’m going to have to put some food in a timed bowl for him every day. Yes, I am turning into a crazy cat lady, I probably should make him get on with it and just eat his dry food. However, it just goes to show that there is something to be said for the nurturing properties of a proper lunch at home. It simply is animal instinct.




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