Featured Post: Our Crafty Preparation for Christmas Wish List

oglee poglee craft box

The Works have asked me to take a look at their Christmas range to see what we’d like to add to our Christmas Wish list. I must admit, i’m really surprised by the range of products they sell. I thought it was mainly craft stuff, but you can also get everything from books and toys through to Christmas gifts perfect for little stocking fillers. In fact, having looked through everything you could probably do nearly your entire Christmas shop online in one place. Perfect.

That said, if there is one thing I enjoy doing with my children its a bit of crafting. With the nights beginning to draw in its difficult to chuck them outside and I do find that they need something interesting to do to stop them sitting in front of the television endlessly. I take this term as the chance to get the kids making presents for everyone from their teachers to their friends. That way I know that when Christmas comes we will be well organised. Ive been looking at the Christmas Crafts section of their Christmas Shop and these are the things I think i’m going to get hold of:

Create your own Christmas Cards– a bargain at a quid

Christmas Embellishments– these can be stuck onto the cards!

Wooden handle Christmas Stamps– Im a sucker for a stamp and I think these look fab.

Christmas Glitter and Confetti– perfect for the table and for brightening up pictures and cards

Festive Paper– We like to make our own paper chains and this is ideal for that

Colour your own Christmas placemats– hours of fun for little ones and the satisfaction that comes when nanny likes your colour scheme!

I’ve added lots more stuff onto my Pinterest board here:

Follow zooarchaeologist’s board The works Christmas Crafts Wish List on Pinterest.

I could spend hours popping things into my basket and the best thing of all is that everything seems so reasonably priced so you wont spend a fortune, the kids will be entertained and you’ll be able to give some nice home made gifts to people.


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