Review: Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion Playset and Figures

scooby dooFor Fifi and Ned there is absolutely nothing better than sitting and watching Scooby Doo with a big bowl of popcorn. If they are given the choice on our movie nights of hundreds of different things to watch, they’ll both pick Scooby Doo every single time. Fifi likes the strong female characters of Daphnie and Velma and Ned just loves it all. They like the mystery, the crime solving, the scaryness and the fun of it all. In short, they just love it and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that!

Scooby1So it goes without saying that Fifi and Ned were absolutely brimming with excitement to receive the new Mystery Mansion Playset and Mystery Solving Crew Action Figures from Character Toys. These fab new sets have been clearly made to be bigger than previous figures which makes them much easier to play with. Fifi and Ned loved that they are jointed and so can be moved into various positions for play.

scooby2For Scooby Doo fans these are fabulous toys, they are more robust than I expected and have dealt with some serious play. Ned and Fifi have had hours of fun reliving things that they have seen on screen an making up new stories. Fifi (6) has even been inspired to do some of her own animations using them; I’ll show you these in time. The characters are a brilliant size and we all loved the hidden traps and surprises in the house. Great fun toys, its lovely to see my children using their imaginations and not being constantly frustrated and stopped in their tracks by their toys falling apart. As Scooby Doo fans we’d give these toys 10/10 and if you have a little Scooby fan then these are your solution for Christmas gifts!


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